Digital Radiology and Ultrasound

In 2013, our hospital invested in a new radiology system and Fuji digital processor used in many human hospitals. This amazing system is able to produce images of unparalleled quality without the use of nasty chemicals or excessive radiation exposure required in traditional film retakes. Our team of Veterinarians are well trained in the use of radiographs (x-ray) and more advanced radiology referrals as a first line diagnostic tool. Within seconds of exposure, detailed digital images are generated, which allow our professional team an up close look at bone and soft tissue structures in addition to all internal organs of the patient.

Digital images are able to be sent to board certified surgeons, cardiologists and radiologists in Seattle or across the country with just a click of the mouse. This collaborative approach to managing your pet’s health will give you all the information you need to make important decisions in the treatment options best for your pet.

More recently, our hospital has invested in ultrasound technology to give us another fast and non-invasive tool to view internal abdominal structures and evaluate cardiac parameters. These quick scans provide faster recommendations for specialist referrals which can lead to better medical outcomes for your pet. We also utilize our ultrasound unit for the collection of urine directly from the urinary bladder via a process known as cystocentesis. Being able to fully visualize the structure of the bladder on ultrasound allows for precise placement of the hypodermic needle used for urine extraction, resulting in a much higher quality sample and less discomfort for your pet.