Veterinary Care Financial Assistance


Veterinary Pet Insurance

Veterinary pet insurance can be an excellent option for some pet owners with roughly 2-3% of all pet’s in the United States now insured. Did you know in Europe nearly 30% of all pets are insured? Over the past decade a multitude of pet insurers have entered the market place. Accident and illness, routine care, no deductible…the choices are complex and can be very confusing. In general, we recommend pet insurance be considered immediately upon bringing a new feline or canine companion into your household. Insuring young pet’s makes certain you lock in low rates and avoid pre-existing condition clauses present on most policies. However, with so many options, many companies over coverage for older pets too. The best choice for insurer will be very individual and depend on your coverage goals. As there are so many variables, we don’t recommend any specific insurer but encourage you to use the comparison tool available at You can also contact your home or auto insurance company to see if they offer any policy bundles which include pet care coverage.

For those who are not interested in pet insurance, we highly recommend simply setting up a savings account specifically targeting future veterinary costs. In the event your pet never needs to use the funds you will have a nice little nest egg.

Scratchpay is a great way to pay for your pet’s planned or emergency medical care. With fast loan approvals, clients can have the peace of mind in working with their Veterinarian to choose the medical care that is best for their furry family members. No interest 30 day plans, as well as, 6-24 month payment options allow you to customize a payment plan that fits your budget. Consider applying prior to your visit and funding notification will arrive to our hospital before you do!