Therapy Laser

Non-Invasive, Low Stress, Adjunct Treatment for Chronic and Acute Conditions

*Coming May 2024!*

Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital is thrilled to be able to provide the additional modality of Laser Therapy for our patients. These treatments are delivered using a handheld device moved over your pet in only a few minutes per site treated. This is entirely non-invasive and requires very little handling of the patient, making it a low-stress addition to your pet’s care plan.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy uses light particles (photons) to treat dogs and cats—no medications or needles required. The photons are emitted from a handheld device, which is carefully moved over the treatment area with minimal, or no, direct contact. The photons penetrate deep into the skin and muscle tissue, reducing inflammation, proving relief from pain, and an accelerating of the healing process.

Photobiomodulation is the official name for what takes place when the photons interact with the body’s cells. All of this occurs without any stress or discomfort to your pet.

How Frequently Will My Pet Require Treatments?

Some scenarios, such as treating a post-operative incision to speed healing, may only require a single treatment to benefit. Acute conditions may do best with a few, but frequent, treatments, particularly in cases of severe pain- such as wounds or sprains. Chronic problems (arthritis, some skin conditions) may respond better with treatments 2-3 times weekly, tapering down to once every 2-4 weeks, or as needed. Your veterinarian will prescribe a course of treatment for your pet’s particular needs.

When Will I See Results?

While some patients experience significant pain reduction after the first visit, improvement is usually seen by the third or fourth session, and the benefits of treatments may be cumulative. Acute conditions often improve quickly, while chronic conditions (such as arthritis) may require ongoing therapy treatment to achieve and maintain optimal results.

Conditions Which May Be Treated Using Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Wounds (without infection)
  • Post-Surgical Healing
  • Dental Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Osteoarthritis Inflammation
  • Certain chronic skin conditions
  • …and more!

Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simply aging, your companion will benefit from this revolutionary approach to veterinary medicine.