Nutrition and Behavioral Consultations

Nutritional Consultation:

With the amazing array of professional diets now available on the market, how do you know what is truly good for your pet?  If it is expensive, does that mean it is good?  Together we can help you choose the best diet for your cat or dog whether you already have a brand in mind or you really haven’t a clue just what is in that bag.  Since your pet will need diet considerations based on age, activity, breed, and health concerns no one diet will ever be fed for an entire pet’s life. Your veterinarian can help you choose a diet that is right for your pet.

The Pet Food Dilemma.

FDA Warning- “Grain Free” Diets Linked To Heart Disease?

Behavioral Consultation:

Behavior challenges are best approached as a team. It is vital to understand if there is an underlying medical component first and then develop a modification plan. In some situations, simply addressing pain or other medical condition, can dramatically improve a behavior concern. In others, a modification strategy includes medication, management, and a training plan. Our veterinary team will help support you through this process and may provide resources and referrals to training professionals, or certified veterinary behaviorists. We are here to help!

Here are links to great local trainers that utilize positive reinforcement, evidence-based training.