Internal Medicine and Dermatology

Internal Medicine:

While we all hope our pets never need serious medical care, rest assured we are there when a pet becomes seriously ill.  From our extensive laboratory services and in-house radiology, to our larger community of board certified specialists, we get you the best treatment available in our region.  Our Veterinarians have an amazing array of diagnostic tools and therapies similar to what is available in human medicine.  We keep abreast of medical advancements being made at veterinary institutions across the country.

We always keep your pet as the center of focus; their quality of life is a top priority.  It is our commitment to make sure your dog or cat is leading a comfortable, active life.  From chasing tennis balls to cruising sunbeams on the couch, our goal is your pet regaining the normal life you both enjoy.


Skin disorders are some of the most frustrating ailment for many pet owners.  We understand this and strive to set realistic progress goals for controlling these ailments.  Our options for treating these diseases is ever changing with the advent of hypoallergenic diets to immunosuppressive drugs that can ultimately relieve your pet of its never-ending “itchiness”.  We have adopted many of the strategies of the top Veterinary Dermatologists in the country.