FVH Launches New Blog!

I am excited to offer up our new Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital Blog space! It is my intention to make this a forum to discuss issues related to veterinary medicine, our hospital, and community discussions that affect the welfare of our beloved pets right here in Bellingham. As manager of this wonderful hospital I want to reach out to you all and give insight on what makes this facility such an important part of your community.

Veterinary medicine is a dynamic industry with more changes in the delivery and standard of care developing in the last 5 years than any decade before. Since 1979 FVH has gone through incredible growth and development; what started as a 1 Dr. practice and 2 employees has expanded to 5 Veterinarians and over 12 support staff! During that same time social attitudes toward animals occurred, moving the pet from a secondary member of the family to a member valued as dearly as any other in the household. This has resulted in tremendous pressure for hospitals across the country, including FVH, to increase medical skills, expand equipment and services offered, and develop veterinary specializations for a level of care on par with the human medical field. In future posts I will discuss how FVH is adapting to the ever changing world of veterinary medicine.

Thanks for following my blog and supporting the Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital!


Michael Bellis (Practice Manager)