Why choose FVH? Clients say it best!

Client referrals are the number one way in which new clients come to FVH and we plan to always keep it that way! At FVH we are striving to do our best for each and every patient that visits us; after all, that’s why each employee at FVH chose this career path, to serve the special bond between humans and animals. More often than not we provide a quality and caring experience for our patients, accomplishing the very high standards we set for ourselves. Knowing we are not perfect is sometimes hard to accept and the occasional “dropped ball” does occur; we reflect and learn from these hiccups, kicking ourselves a bit none the less. Like any person we are motivated and take pride in those moments when we receive praise…it’s what keeps us going on those crazy days we are trying to do our best! Here is a recent Google review by a client who had an exceptional visit with Dr. Kummer, just one of our exceptional veterinarians:

“My wife and I are new to Bellingham and know more or less no one. We asked around a bit and were led by word of mouth, plus an online search or two, to Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Kummer. The facility is scrupulously clean and an overall pleasant environment. The reception area is big, allowing owners and their pets to get some distance from each other if needed (though neither has ever caused injury, both our dogs routinely display aggression toward other dogs). There’s a nice array of products, though we felt zero “pressure” to purchase anything. The examination room was plenty large enough for two owners, two dogs, and two veterinary staff. Billing at the end of our visit was handled in the examination room, a welcome convenience. Dr. Kummer came out to the reception area right on time to introduce himself to us while his previous client exited. When our dogs growled at the exiting client’s dog, I remarked something like “This is their sole difficult behavior.” Dr. Kummr replied “Yes, I read that in their file … thank you for being proactive about it (we had the dogs adequately cradled/restrained).” Note to self: a kind response, and he took the time to read the file before we met. Our visit consisted of two routine annual physicals, and a troublesome question about a scheduled vaccination for one of the dogs (the dog had an allergic response to the vaccination when last it was given). Again, Dr. Kummer had read the dog’s file and was prepared to address the subject. “Address the subject,” however, does not do justice. His explanation of the risks and benefits of the vaccination was outstanding. Dr. Kummer is a thoughtful, carefully analytical, and off-the-charts articulate communicator and listener. My wife and I had agreed, before the visit, that we couldn’t decide the issue without the guidance of a qualified veterinarian. Dr. Kummer rewarded our wait, and presented a clearly convincing case (which resulted — surprising to me — in the opposite conclusion than the one I’d sort of expected). Especially noteworthy was Dr. Kummer’s concern for the dog: he wanted to do what was right for our dog in particular, not “dogs in general.” In the course of the routine exams, Dr. Kummer noted our dogs’ teeth could be cleaner (we’ve always been bad about that). He then in about ninety seconds flat stated a by the book desensitization protocol for dogs unaccustomed to having their teeth brushed. I am a semi-retired, semi-smart trainer (SF/SPCA … treats and praise … no “dog whisperer” nonsense) who never pretends to be a veterinarian, painfully aware that veterinarians who dispense otherwise excellent medical care do not necessarily likewise dispense sound advice on behavior and training. Not that Dr. Kummer requires my blessing on this point … but I was very favorably impressed. Next to last, we had some discussion about adjusting the dogs’ flea/etc medication. Dr. Kummer was leaning one way on the topic when my wife asked a slightly esoteric question about the med’s risks/benefits with our dogs’ breed (border collies, more or less). Dr. Kummer stopped, thought about it, said he did not know the answer and that he’d research it and get back to us. He called the same night around 6pm to give us his thoughts on having looked into it. And finally, for any warm and fuzzy type who might still be reading this review (I’m not particularly warm or fuzzy) … Dr. Kummer is excellent with humans and dogs alike. He handled our dogs perfectly appropriately. His love of animals is evident. Long story, don’t you think? Short version: we look forward to the years to come with our dogs (and by extension, of course, ourselves) in Dr. Kummer’s thoughtful, thorough and warm care. I cannot comment firsthand on other veterinarians at Fairhaven, but hereby make a guess they’re likely excellent too. We found all the staff, from the receptionist to veterinary assistants, delightful. And, yes, we’ve started brushing the dogs’ teeth.”

To this reviewer…..thanks, we needed that 🙂