Christmas reflection at ol’ FVH

Christmas and the New Year are a time for celebration of family, personal reflection, and renewed promises to set goals for bettering ourselves and the community we live in during the coming year. This past weekend FVH had its annual holiday party, bringing together each of our families for amazing food, games and conversation. As I looked around the room at the multiple generations represented it reinforced my belief in the FVH Family. Each and every day our employees come together under one roof on Old Fairhaven Parkway for more hours than most of us see our loved ones, sharing in the emotional ups and downs of caring for sick patients, helping new team members learn our high standard of care, rejoicing in the births and weddings of coworkers, and reaching out when our teammates are in need. During it all that special something at FVH makes itself evident, this team is filled with compassionate and caring individuals, family.

Any new hire will tell you that the first three months of training at FVH are arduous, not because the work we perform is unique to this veterinary hospital, but because we champion respect for staff, clients and patients through compassion, communication and quality of care. What gets a new hire through those first 3 months is a slow awareness that everyone here wants them to succeed, grow, and feel valuable, even when management, like a good parent, grumbles a bit from time to time. Like family we demand the best from each other, yet cherish the slight imperfections we each have; and like family we have days where we all get along as one cohesive bunch and those days that, well, we would all like a redo. In time this family atmosphere leads to staff members reflecting on their 15, 20 and 30 years of service to the hospital, something any organization would be envious of.

When I came to FVH in 2009 I had a sense this family spirit was here, and with each passing Christmas party I know I made the best choice in my career. As I looked over at Dr. Hall taking in the frivolity, festivities and hoopla of this year’s party I could only imagine the joy he feels in knowing he has made this all possible with a little dream he started in 1979, the FVH Family.

Cheers to you and your family this holiday season!

Michael Bellis, Practice Manager